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At sometime…

“But you know Timothy’s proven worth…”(Php 2:22)

So, I saw you yesterday.

You were on your Harley. Your Harley wasn’t loud. Odd.

It wasn’t clean. Hmmmm…..

And I agreed with your sticker to watch out for bikers.

You had the image but…….. something was different.

Good grief! Who told you to leave the house dressed as you were. Buddy, all leather work boots with black socks up to your calves in shorts?  Oooooooold, I mean Old black jean shorts?

And come on, what the hell are all those keys for?  Honestly, is your job locking and unlocking things?  Is the left side of your tire tread worn down to compensate for the imbalance?

And your facial hair.  What in the world is that!  All grey beard somewhat short with two wiry extensions under your chin. It looks like a mess!  You, you look like a mess and your day has just started.

But (as my eyes well up) I felt……free……. looking at you.

No child seeing a picture of you would aspire to grow into such an image.  At sometime you made a choice.

At sometime you left behind what you were told you should be….

At sometime you left behind what you told yourself you should be…

At sometime you decided what you would be…

I have the sense that there is a person I would want to meet in you…

I have the sense that there is a person I would want to be in light of you…

I have the sense that you have integrity…that you have a story I would want to hear.

There seems something of worth in you.

I feel embarrassed by my immaturity next to you; by my wavering; by my people pleasing; by my superficiality; by my poor understanding of responsibility.

You reminded me to know myself and to live with consistency.

You remind me of my true identity.  You remind me to embrace it.

You remind me not to apologize. You remind me to make it my lifestyle.

You remind me that proven worth in the ultimate sense is the overflow pouring from my integrity as a disciple of the gospel.