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“For we are the circumcision, who worship by the Spirit of God and glory in Christ Jesus…” Php 3:3.

I am beginning to understand the gospel.

I am beginning to understand God.

All religions appeal to the mystical.  All people think of religion as eternal.

All creeds have their language for the unseen.

They all have their images of colors and clouds and light.  Everyone aspires, desires for celestial sensibilities.

We all want the sea parted.  We all want fireworks.  We all want heroes that fly.  We all want animals to speak.  We all want life from death.  We all want ghosts.  We all want people to glow.  We all want miracles.  We all want the miraculous.  We all want the spectacle.  We all want the spectacular. We all want the entertainment.  We all want amusement.


But who wants the gospel? It’s too, fleshy; too incarnate; too normal.

Ahh!  The gospel is a miracle.  Ahh!  The gospel gives us what we want.  But… how?

What is the route to want we want?

What is the technique?

What is the path?

What is the method?

What is the prayer? The money required? The lights required? The song required? The mind required? The pedigree? The pedagogy? The premium?

With all the confusion and all the desire, HOW do I achieve the eternal and miraculous rest my soul longs for and my life requires if I am to every believe in meaning and truth?

I…I am beginning to understand the gospel; the paradox.

In a moment, in a second, in a turn of mind and action, all the gospel, all that I am in Christ, all I’ll ever have as my heart beats is waiting for me in this:

“But in humilty

count others

more significant

than yourselves.”

Php 2:3

Who wants this?

Who is doing this?

Who really wants Jesus? Who came. Who loved at the cost of his life.  Who demonstrated life; eternal life.

“But [Jesus] answered them,

‘An evil and adulterous generation

seeks for a sign…’”

Mt 12:39

I am beginning to understand that the gospel is more real than anything dreamed by man.

I am beginning to understand that the dream and reality, though distinct, cannot be divorced.

All of heaven is waiting for me in the moment.

I believe that gospel teaches me life, eternal life. The life I can live….now.