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Memoir of a Former Sadducee

But Jesus answered them, “You are wrong, because you know neither the Scriptures nor the power of God.” Mt 22:29, ESV

The power of God is, I believe , something (at least in our current finite state of affairs) that catches us by surprise.

It can happen as fast as a thought.  It is as close as a touch.  It is as powerful as a shock.

Yet this Power which reveals itself is not the same as the Power revealed in nature.  For this Material Power we can perceive.

We can see a tree coming.  We can see sunlight about to appear from behind a hill or cloud.  We can guess lighting may appear in a storm.

No doubt, we cannot control It, but It is predictable.

We have something even in this broken Being, which is ourselves, the potential to interact and to engage with this Power.  And this Power is for the whole world, saved or not.

Yet there is a Power that is hidden.

“But we impart a secret…”

There is the Power that is a secret.

“…and hidden wisdom of God.” (1Co 2:7)

It is the Power that enables us to live; to define ourselves; to believe in purpose; to give meaning to suffering; to make sense of where we have been, are, and are going.

It is, is essence, the Power of the moment, for the moment, in all moments.

And it is hidden.

We cannot see It coming.  We cannot predict It.  We cannot approximate Its worth in advance.  We have nothing to do with It.

It is in all ways something outside of us and something by which we find we are in complete dependence.


And Lord this morning You broke me open with It.

When I was stuck in my system of thinking.

When I allowed that system to activate me.

When I allowed that system to dominate me.

When I believed I was thinking rightly.

When I believed I had good cause for what and how I was thinking.

When I denied something beyond the perceptible.

When I had faith only in the moment.

When I blamed others.

When I solicited pity.

When I complained.

When I could not see beyond myself.

When I became a Sadducee.

Lord, it was about  the twelfth time when I in that hymn was singing Hallelujah..

It was at about that first time time I sang Hallelujah from my heart…

It came as fast as a thought…

As close a a touch…

As powerful as a shock…

And I cried when You came to me this morning…to free me.

I cried when I realized how much I depend on this Power.

I cried when I realized It can’t be found…

I cried when I realized my need of It…

Oh God!!!

“I will run in the way of your commandments

when you

enlarge my heart.”

Psalm 119:32

Thank you Divine Power.

Thank you Living Bread.

Thank you unseen….



God of Power.