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Jude 1 (NET)

1:1 From Jude,

a slave of Jesus Christ and brother of James,

to those who are called,

wrapped in the love of God the Father and

kept for Jesus Christ.

“Search me, O God,

and know my heart!

Try me

and know my thoughts!”

Ps 139:23



You know what I really want right now God.  I want what every one else does. I want…..

“That which was from the beginning,

which we have heard,

which we have seen with our eyes,

which we looked upon,

and have touched with our hands…”

1Jn 1:1

I want…I want……damn!!!!

(Always I)

(Always I)

Really I want something different.

Okay what will it be?

I cannot be sure.

Yet this desire causes you grief, this ambiguous desire for difference?

I just have a hunch things are not as they should be.

Things or you?

Yes, I am not as I should be, I believe.

Oh God I’m sad. What am I to be?

Is this your understanding of freedom?


Will the answer set you free, this year, this day, this hour, this moment?

No I don’t believe it could.  I suppose it opens up for me, then, the

fear of wondering what I must do to become what I must be.

There is no freedom in fear.

Ahhh. Are you free now?

No. Not in the least.

My beloved, faithless child. You are more free than you know.

My Freedom causes you fear because you are faithless.

Do not let a hunch be your excuse for weakness and duplicity.

Quiet your soul for a moment loved one.

Quiet .




Prepare your heart for truth.

Ask for My grace to make this as real as your quivering lip.

As real as tears.

As real as your pulse.

What you are to be has been settled.

What you are is accomplished.

What I have done is sure.

You have been…

You are…

You will forever be…

wrapped in my love.

For I am sure,

that neither death nor life,

nor angels nor rulers,

nor things present, nor things to come,

nor powers, nor height nor depth,



has the power

to separate us

from My love for you

in Jesus

My Son

and your Lord.

Loved one, wrapped in the truth of My eternal perfect love, who are you?


So what are you to be this year, this day, this hour, this moment?

What I am.

So now, what must you do?

Be as I am.