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Well, here we are half the way through August.  Many of you will be returning to established routines that the Fall season of life brings.  Many of you will be returning to routines, though a bit different from last Fall.  And some of you will be moving simply from one season of the year to the next.

For those of you who have been part of Transit this year, I want to first congratulate your effort of pressing through the studies we have been through the past eight months.  Why congratulate? Well, not many groups I am aware of dig so deep, for so long, in the Old Testament.  Ruth started our year and brought us to the beginning of April.  And it has been the elephantine study of Qoheleth (aka, Ecclesiastes) ever since.  And these were no mere glances at the books.  In each study my whole being was brought to the spotlight.

Ruth exposed my lack of sacrifice to others.

Qohleth exposed my lacking sacrifice of myself to God.

Ruth exposed my lack of trust in Providence.

Qoheleth exposed me to Providence.

Ruth exposed  me the path of life.

Qoheleth exposed me to the route of fultility.

OH!!! God thank you!

Thank you for your examples in flesh!

Thank you that life MUST never be relegated to the realm of the abstract!

Thank you that life, religion, and love wear flesh and are saturated with blood.

With nerves…

With feelings…

With beatings of hearts and of barley harvests…

With laments and cries for justice…

Thank you Oh God, for a look behind the curtain of illusion that this world and its systems proffer as realtiy;

…as peace,

…as happiness,

…as meaning.

God, Oh glorious One, thank you for dismissing me…



from ourselves.

And thank you for admitting Truth, Peace, Security, Hope, and Love which never fail.

(even though I do)

Thank you for the dignity to be human.

To know how to teach others the gift…

To know how to share the pain…

To know that only Jesus Christ is sufficient…

To have His heart to help people.

Thank you.

So, now that we have finished our current study, I feel compelled after so much time pointing to Christ, to actually focus on Christ.

So, we will spend the remainder of the year looking at the book of Colossians.

I hope to see as many of you as possible this Fall.

By way of reminder and legitimate concern, please consider how vulnerable you are to

this world,

to others,

to yourself,

without a community of people who are sincere about knowing you,

welcoming you,

and accepting you where you are, right now.

This world will consume you whole,

so seek Christ, who gives peace, but not as the world gives peace.

And seek those who have His example, in themselves.