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Forever Never




What a word.  What a concept.  And who likes to hear of it?

Anybody talk about Hell over coffee lately?

Its not a subject we like.  But, according to the Bible, like death, it is something that applies to everyone. (And everything?)

Well there I go.  The Bible mentions Hell (sort of).  Well, that’s easy isn’t it?

If I can throw the Bible into the sea of  ”can’t-be-sure-its-true,” then Hell is hardly a consideration.

That’s obviously the easy way out though.

But what if, just what if, we consider the warning that Hell screams?

What if we grant the reality of it?

What if we haven’t really grasped the implications of it?

What if implications of Hell grasped us today? In our world.  Not waiting for the next.  But, now.

What if, after screwing around with people and yourself, you actually wanted to do good and you couldn’t.

What if, after having your way with people, you actually wanted to serve them–but couldn’t.

What if happiness endures forever as it does now?

What if you endured forever never wanting to stop screwing around with people? Hurting? Deceiving? Using?

What if you grew tired of the ups and downs of your existence and found them never to change?

What if the reason you don’t care is because you believe death will free you from them? What if it doesn’t?

What if you endured forever never knowing what is best?

What if, after a life of not needing people, you find that you need them and hate it.

What if you endured forever in your complaints? In your self-justification?

What if your idea of life is all that there will be?

What if the cold splash of water on your soul quickens you to reality, and you awaken to eternity?

What if your idea of relationships is all that there will be?

What if you could never appreciate beauty? Nature? People?

What if the longing to appreciate is never fulfilled?

What if there was always a condition?  What if there were always odds?  What if chance is god?

What if  you endured, lived, forever?

What if eighty years is like hearing a song you like for the first time?

What if one-hundred sixty years is like the second hearing?

What if death doesn’t free you?  What if Hell is the 480th song of your existence, unchanged and counting.


What if Hell is wanting something to end, and it doesn’t?

What if Heaven is wanting something to endure, and it does?

What if, right now, you don’t know what you want? Who is to help you choose?

What if the judgement we all will face one day is not what we expect?

What if it won’t be a shock?  What if it won’t be a surprise?

What if judgement is merely a confession? An agreement? An Amen?

What if, on the day of judgement, the only true shock is your desire to remain true to yourself? Unchanged?


What if you won’t appeal the judgement?

What if you welcome it?

What if the true shock will be your willingness to agree with condemnation, but unwilling to make reparations?

What if you endure forever never wanting truth?

What if C.S. Lewis is right? That, the gates of Hell are locked from the inside?

What if a taste…

a glimpse…

a feeling…

a whisper of Hell…

is where you find yourself, now. And you know it, but in spite cherish it?

What then?

What then?



Forever asking.

Never wanting an answer.