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On this march of life I find,

Company of a certain kind.

A kind that yields no form, nor state,

Yet solid more than breath I take.

Desire is the name.

Choosing choices incessantly;

Choices chosen to create Un-me.

Un-me to be to enslaved by thee,

This company I sense in me.


My will of liberty demonstrated,

Has not the fruits once intimated.

From this company comes my stew of red,

Revealing dispositions to incline my head.

Desire for freedom still undefined.

This company is speaking quietly,

Prescribing paths to free Un-me.

Un-me to be oppressed by thee,

This company I permit in me.


Confidence fading, ability lacking;

Fideism abating, dexterity contracting.

In me, Un-me, this company,

Moves my soul so easily.

Freedom of desires now redefined.

Blind on the road of infinity,

Each step I’m told, “You’re free! Your-free!”

Un-me to be misled by thee,

This company I trust in me.


Lost in freedom, independently,

Now free to be lost, regrettably.

Alone in being, Alone in thought,

The Un-me is free, the corpse is taught.

Our desires choose us.

You see Un-me knows thoroughly,

Freedom depends on who’s choosing thee.

Only fools believe in autonomy,

My God of Desire, He chooses me,

His company’s work to kill Un-me.