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He said he sees himself as a facilitator who can score when

Entry points and airport security checkpoints.have tremendous rights as we travel, but these rights are only meaningful if you know them and understand them, CAIR Florida Executive Director Hassan Shibly said during the webinar.Some of the examples CAIR gave include the rights of female travelers to request a female TSA agent for pat downs and the right to request that the hijab, or head cover worn by Muslim women, not be removed in public.CAIR senior litigation attorney, Gadeir Abbas Cheap Celine Handbags, told The Associated Press the Trump administration conduct has heightened an already tense situation among Muslims, who have come to expect a certain level of extra scrutiny while traveling. Muslim citizens on a no fly list while they abroad and thus exiling them until they can successfully petition the government and courts to board a flight back home. He said the practice was first introduced under the Obama administration, but had disappeared since 2014.After Trump took office, at least one person every month has been added to the no fly list while abroad.

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