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That probably not what you wanna hear but I been drinking and I

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canada goose store 3 points submitted 1 month agoThere one canada goose uk outlet main character I use in every single story who female and roughly my age, but that where the similarities end. She successful, determined, a good conversationalist, and she beautiful. (I mean, realistically, the characters I ship her with would NEVER look twice at someone who looks like me, so I gotta make it believable, you know?)I actually feel uncomfortable daydreaming as myself. There a certain disconnect that comes with imagining a character who is not me, and the disconnect helps me get deeper into my daydreams, if that makes any sense. Female who has cheap Canada Goose decided I want to remain cf. I’m still at that awkward canadian goose jacket phase where canada goose coats I dodge Canada Goose Parka the topic bc I’m the oldest girl of five kids with a huge catholic family. The only one in my family who’s cf is my aunt and everyone talks about her like “poor thing, now it’s too uk canada goose outlet late for her”. I work in healthcare Canada Goose Coats On Sale and the only thing that really sticks in my mind is, when I’m old and potentially sick, who’s going to come and make sure I’m cared for? There’s usually a valiant son or daughter who canada goose uk black friday swoops in and knows all of their parents quirks or personality traits canada goose store and uk canada goose will help with a care plan, etc. Any opinions on this?mermur 53 points submitted 2 months agoThere seems to be this expectation from society (in the US, anyway) that parents are ecstatic about having kids, that it the best thing that they can ever do with their lives. Therefore parents are afraid to speak honestly about their less than pleasant experiences raising kids. I like this post to be an open, non judgemental discussion for parents where ALL feelings are valid.Personally, I toying with the idea of reproducing. I not sure if it something I want to do, and for a long time I was 99% sure I never wanted children. That being said, I canada goose clearance love to hear the honest truth about your experiences as parents, especially if you were against the idea of being a parent before you had you kid(s). 23 points submitted 2 months agoI childfree myself so I can exactly provide any unbiased input, but I hear r/fencesitter is a good place for people like you. My advice: Be as well informed about all of the different points of view, read testimonies (the good and the bad), and spend a significant amount of time around children (I was actually considering having kids before I became a live in nanny lol). And whatever you decide, kudos to you for thinking this through so carefully!Needful_Things 15 points submitted 3 months agoDefinitely not something I take hard because I don directly work with any of these Canada Goose online people anyway so I couldn even tell you their names five minutes after the meeting ended, but it was just baffling to me how no one had anything to say about who they were. Did you just beat level 200 on Awesome Video Game? Did you rebuild an engine in a 1967 Chevy? Did you finally master an epic cut crease? Tell me about YOU, not that little Jimmy finally mastered pronouncing the words that start with R properly.OnlyEatApples23F/the only spawning I want to do is respawning 384 points submitted 4 months agoI have a number of reasons but, yes, this is absolutely one of my biggest ones, right up there with tokophobia.I just couldn do it. Canada Goose sale The expectations for mothers are so ridiculous (I see this in my sister case the societal pressure is real even nowadays), and I couldn live for the rest of my life with Canada Goose Jackets those expectations forced on buy canada goose jacket cheap me. Why would I subject myself to that? Just because of my biology I expected to canada goose keep an entire household running, while maintaining my figure and appearance to exactly what it was pre kids, while hubby gets a pass?jenthehenmfc canada goose coats outlet 209 points submitted 4 months agoWhat’s funny (or not) is that even more pressure is actually put on mothers NOW than say in the 1950s. “Parent” wasn’t a verb, cheap canada goose uk and most moms’ actual job was running the house when cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc was a lot more labor intensive. the kids were just kinda there, and so long as the were fed, clothed, went Canada Goose Online to school when it was time, that was it. Mothers didn’t feel pressured to enrich or entertain their children. Sure, they loved them canada goose uk shop and presumably spent some time playing with them and doing some activities, but they could also just throw them outside for hours while they smoked and finished the laundry and ignored the kids.Now, “parents” are super judged if kids have too much screen time, fed canada goose black friday sale the wrong things, canada goose factory sale not enough activities, too many activities, etc AND in a lot of cases are expected to / must bc of money / or really want to work outside the home.OnlyEatApples23F/the only spawning I want to do is canada goose coats on sale respawning 1 point submitted 5 months agoEhh, I knew even before I chose the CF life that my chances of finding someone were slim, and post CF those chances basically vanished. I slowly coming to terms with that.That probably not what you wanna hear but I been drinking and I feel like wallowing a lil bit. For what it worth I know several awesome CF couples, so if you willing to put up with a whole lotta extra crap on top of the regular dating crap (since being CF ain always easy), I sure you find yourself a keeper! 297 points submitted 8 months agoIt usually a really quick “hey, would you go out Canada Goose Outlet with me?” kinda thing where I pretty sure they only partially serious, so I just smile, say no, and go on my way.One time, though, when I was drawing at a park, this 15 year old skateboarded up to me, started a conversation, then slid onto the bench next to me acting all suave. It was adorably hilarious, like watching a puppy learn to walk. When I realized he was not just making friendly conversation (I slow sometimes) I dropped my age, https://www.uscanadagooseoutletsale.com which he took in canada goose clearance sale stride, so then I mentioned my husband. To which he said “aw, man, you married? Well, buy canada goose jacket it was nice to talk to you!” and skated off.