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Without publishing an exact turnover figure for Japan

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Replica Hermes It may not be to everyone’s taste, but this is just one of 300 weird and wonderful flavours flying off the shelves in Japan, which has become the world’s biggest market for the four fingered snack.The name KitKat reminds people of the Japanese phrase “kitto katsu”, meaning to win and it has become common to hand them to friends before an exam or an important eventBehrouz MEHRI, Behrouz MEHRI, AFPKitKats have been around in Britain since 1935 and only arrived in Japan in 1973. But the Japanese market has a crucial unique selling point a huge variety of different flavours.It all started with a strawberry flavoured KitKat in 2000 and the range expanded quickly from flavours aimed at local taste buds such as sake, green tea and wasabi to more exotic combinations like melon and mascarpone.Access to KitKat factories is strictly limited and photos are kept to a minimum in a bid to preserve the secrets of the recipe.And it appears to be a recipe for success. Without publishing an exact turnover figure for Japan, KitKat manufacturer Nestle says sales have grown 50 percent in the country since 2010, making it the biggest market ahead of Britain although second biggest in terms of volume.And in a sign of the success, a new production site was opened only last month in the western region of Kobe.Among the flavours available to Japanese consumers are strawberry, wasabi, green tea and even cough medicineBehrouz MEHRI, AFPWhy such success in Japan? One reason, according to Cedric Lacroix, managing executive officer of Nestle Japan’s confectionery business, is that Japanese consumers appreciate the variety of flavours on offer.The chocolate market in Japan is really driven by innovation, said Lacroix. Replica Hermes

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