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Since they were open pollinated

When the press got hold of the patrol car video of the arrest, the public roared. More than a hundred marched in the street to protest Whitlatch, who responded to the outcry by doubling down. She refused to apologize. So, what exactly are we eating? And is our food giving rise to the many health problems today?It is not easy to always have access to farm fresh vegetables which you can trust are not sprayed with harmful pesticides. However, this Indian family came up with a solution that might soon become a trend all over India.Dr Prabhakar Rao and his family run a 2.5 acre natural farm in Bengaluru, wherein they grow vegetables that are indigenous and native to India and yet are not grown or found anywhere in the country anymore.Collecting exotic seeds from all over India Dr Rao, who holds a PhD in plant breeding and genetics, has spent his entire professional career practicing architecture all over the world. While travelling, he collected 560 native indigenous seeds of endangered vegetable species from the oldest generation of farmers.The procured seeds were typically open pollinated, heirloom seeds, which means that new seeds can be prepared from the mother seeds, unlike the hybrid and genetically modified seeds which last for just one season.He kept collecting the varieties and started testing them for their genetic stability and climatic adaptiveness for the Indian conditions and eventually was able to sustain 140 varieties of hyper exotic vegetables.Since they were open pollinated, Dr Rao was able to multiply the seeds, and he now sells them online for people to buy and grow their own seeds for further use.How did the farm fresh idea take root? “I belong to the generation of scientists who promoted intensive chemical farming, the generation of MS Swaminathan during the green revolution.

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