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McConnell suddenly canceled a doomed vote last month on an

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Replica Hermes Bags “There’s really no other reason to tweak this thing.”In the face of unanimous Democratic opposition, the health care bill will crash if just three of the 52 GOP senators oppose it. McConnell hermes replica https://www.perfectbirkin.com/ Hermes birkin replica suddenly canceled a doomed vote last month on an initial version of the legislation, and at least a dozen Republicans have said they oppose the initial package or distanced themselves from it.Since his June retreat, McConnell has been reshaping the measure in hopes of winning GOP votes. Even so, no GOP leaders were yet predicting passage.Rain From Monster Hurricane Irma Begins Hitting Puerto RicoMcConnell also said he will delay the chamber’s August recess for two weeks, a rare move he said would give lawmakers time to break logjams on health care, defense and executive branch nominations. Replica Hermes Bags

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