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I would just let the insurance companies work it out

This thesis seeks to answer the overarching question of how the black market for medical abortion is regulated in Chile. In answering this question, this thesis responds to the two sub questions: why is the Chilean government ineffective at regulating the black market for medical abortion in Chile, and how have non governmental actors filled this vacuum through informal regulation? Although the Chilean government has one of the highest levels of state capacity in Latin America, it has surprisingly allowed this black market to exist in almost complete impunity. In this thesis, I argue that although the Chilean government has the capacity to regulate Celine Outlet this market, that government bureaucrats intentionally choose to ignore the existence of this activity in the efforts of upholding their professional norms and interests; the market leads to decreased abortion related complications, to a reduction in the maternal mortality rate, and to decreased costs for clinics related to the upkeep of expensive emergency septic units.

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