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There being only one green star (the one that acts as the goal

His wife, who compares his skin to a yellow rose petal, likes to wear a rose in her hair and imagines the tattoo appeared on her breast when she conceived, which is perhaps why her daughter is named Rosa. The symbolism doesn’t stop there. Talking to the Dead: Serafina delle Rose, at least according to her daughter, talks to her late husband’s ashes as if he were still alive. The cave fills with light as sparks shoot around Aang’s body. The shot is reflected in Azula’s eyes as he falls to the ground. In a look of pure fury, Katara summons all her abilities, riding in a wave above the Dai Li to her fallen friend, catching him just before he reaches the ground. Half of the levels ending where he could be found as an NPC within the main game (instead of ending where the now absent goal post would be). There being only one green star (the one that acts as the goal star for those sets of levels). Reconstruction: Of the threat of standard Mario enemies.

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