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Illinois should encourage companies like Uber to grow here

One of the first things the group did was hire two historians to research a name for the project, said Joseph Wharton, general manager of the Kiln Creek development. With all the historically significant events and locations on the Peninsula, a historic name was in order for the development, they decided.Wharton said the historians came back with some bad news for the developers: “You’ve got the only piece of property on the Peninsula where nothing happened.”The developers found a small creek Brick Kiln Creek flowing through the southeastern corner of the project. Dropping Brick from the name, the developers chose Kiln Creek as the project’s name and named themselves Kiln Creek Associates.The logo for the project was developed by an artist who spent several days walking through the development, Wharton said.

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Replica handbags celine “Uber is an innovative, growing company that provides ride share services to millions of people across the country and wants to create 425 more jobs right here in Illinois. Illinois should encourage companies like Uber to grow here, but this bill does the opposite,” said Rauner in a statement, adding: “Ride share drivers should have insurance and background checks. But Pat Quinn shouldn sign this bill it sends another signal that Illinois is closed to innovation.”. Replica handbags celine

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