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A model will be developed using advanced software to aid in

The primary objective of the project is to develop a model of the initial design for the Offshore Floating Power Plant, which includes a basic layout, major component sizing and sourcing and process costing. A model will be developed using advanced software to aid in sizing of the components, and to investigate design and operation options.

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We need him. He’s Ed Reed, you know. The key to beating McCain is to destroy his bipartisan reputation. This is supported by Ezra’s observation that McCain does a lot worse when you call him “John McCain, the Republican” and poll him against someone who you describe as “the Democrat.” Polls like this better approximate how McCain will be seen in the heat of an election.

That stuff happens. It’s no one’s fault. We do know that he looked pretty lean yesterday. Lean for a human whale.. Marechal Foch. Landot Noir. In order to get the dividend, each customer had a check number. My mother’s number was 52914. Answer: I wanted to see what [Kam] Mickolio was going to look like, and he’s been nothing short of impressive. I wanted to see [Adam] Jones, [Felix] Pie, [Nolan] Reimold, [Dennis] Sarfate, the guys who weren’t healthy at the end of the season.

One upshot of this is that, despite all the talk of disruption and new technologies, the pace of creative destruction has slowed. John Haltiwanger has documented this in the US (pdf). The Environment Agency and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) warned people to not put themselves at risk in order to capture dramatic moments. The Met Office expects gusts of 60 mph to 70 mph across southern Britain, and winds could reach 80 mph at exposed coasts of Wales and the Bristol Channel..

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