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But, I did it for my daughter

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canada goose clearance The question is: Why is my patient base considered as the most important asset within my dentist practice? The reason is because, say for example, if your building or dental office burnt down today, so what happened is that all of your technology and everything was burnt down and crumbled to the ground (hopefully that never happens to you!) but let’s just say it did. As a solution, you could literally walk across the street, start up a shop tomorrow; and if you have a patient base, you will have appointments, you will have people to come in and you will have revenue coming in. And you will be able to start managing your dentist practices again! Now, another thing is, for example, if the doctor have any experience where he/she can no longer work, well if they got a patient base, they can bring in another doctor or someone else who can actually do the dentistry, and the doctor can actually be the behind the scenes the business owner, and with this, they can still work canada goose clearance.