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Due to the dangers posed, the theatre tent was replaced by the

canada goose outlet sale Founded on the principles of great seating and an intimate view of the performance, the summer amphitheater has featured live performances by the Minot Summer Theatre since 1970.From producing character twists to the gunslinging love story directed by Minot artist Chad Gifford, the comical de force title Off, directed by Minot State University alumnus Joe Koppinger, to artists of various crafts and disciplines continue to show a relentless desire to capture the hearts, minds and imaginations of area theatergoers.Paving the way for these courageous artists were revolutionary founders Harold Aleshire and Thomas Turner, who created Minot Summer Theater in 1966.Between the innovative duo, Aleshire and Turner created an ingenious brand of theater that continues to stand the test of time.With just over a half century of live entertainment, the late Aleshire and Turner redefined Minot creative landscape by featuring iconic plays Yankees, Bye Birdie and a hosts of other popular hits that celebrated cultural expression ranging from Americana to world musicals.While Aleshire and Turner are the masterminds of summer theater, Minot State University students, faculty and community members play the role of architects.Choreographer Kena Davidson, accomplished director Connie Gilseth, music director Kari Files and up and coming actor J Wallace are some of the local talents who contribute to the exciting legacy of Minot Summer Theatre.Nicknamed Face of Summer Theatre, Neuharth once said, it weren for an audience, we couldn go on. Years ago, Aleshire and Turner, embarked on a transformative journey, that reshaped the Magic City.Prior to 1966, summer theater in Minot was just a thought.Possessing an eye for talent and a gift for listening, Aleshire alongside Turner gave Minot audiences what they been cheering for. Due to the dangers posed, the theatre tent was replaced by the summer amphitheater in 1970.Under a large tent coated by multi colored ribbons, theatregoers found their seats and discovered the pageantry of Broadway Bye Birdie. canada goose outlet sale

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