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military officials also confirmed to CNN that no military

canadian goose jacket account of bin Laden raid

canada goose deals Special Operations Command. official told CNN.

The book has several chapters on other canada goose uk shop SEAL missions and history, but cheap canada goose uk much of the focus is on Bin Laden.

In a telephone interview with CNN, Pfarrer said he spoke directly with several SEALs on the top secret operation.

certainly did, talk to them Pfarrer told CNN, describing the conversations canada goose clearance as to face. Pfarrer told CNN he also spoke to contractors who worked on preparing for the mission.

Canada Goose Parka The team, known by many as Team Six is one of canada goose the most canada goose clearance sale secretive Canada Goose Online units in Canada Goose Parka the military. canada goose coats on sale Its operations are rarely discussed and are some of the most secretive conducted uk canada goose by the American military. Special Forces Command, or USSOCOM, ordered the unit Canada Goose Jackets not to speak about it.

Canada Goose Outlet USSOCOM nor any of its elements have provided access to or given permission for any member or members of Special Operations Forces to be interviewed about the operation that resulted in the death of Osama bin Laden, said command spokesman Ken McGraw. the best of my knowledge, neither USSOCOM nor any of it elements have reviewed the book Target Geronimo. military officials also confirmed to CNN that no military personnel were granted permission to talk to Pfarrer.

canada goose coats Pfarrer said he engaged in reconstruction of some events in the book where he directly quoted top officials involved in the attack including Admiral canada goose uk outlet William McRaven, who at the time commanded the Joint Special Operations canada goose black friday sale Command that ran the operation.

In one example, Pfarrer details what he described as a classified meeting between McRaven, a top CIA officer and the commanding officer of SEAL Team Six whom he canada goose store calls Kerr. said he is protecting the man identity by giving him a false Canada Goose sale name and that Kerr is a composite character, although Pfarrer quotes him directly. Only those three men were in the room, according to the book. Pfarrer quotes McRaven directly detailing security arrangements at the compound, orders by the CIA to begin planning an attack and the use of Canada Goose Outlet satellites by the National Reconnaissance Office.

Canada Goose Jackets The meeting took place in a secure conference room three stories underground at JSOC headquarters at Fort Bragg North Carolina, Pfarrer book claims. A military source told cheap Canada Goose CNN there is no canada goose factory sale such underground facility.

canada goose coats on sale Pfarrer quotes McRaven as saying the Reconnaissance Office has parked a satellite over the place. They got a measurement on his shadow.

Canada Goose sale He over six feet tall. While administration officials had described the use of satellites to assess who was in the compound, the estimating of his shadow was a technique that was not revealed.

canada goose In other instances, Pfarrer disputes the official accounting of events. government officials have said that both helicopters carrying troops into the compound landed on the ground even though the initial plan called for them to slide down on ropes from a hovering helicopter. The change of plans came after the first helicopter crashed into a compound wall. uk canada goose outlet After that crash the SEALs quickly got out and began the mission from the ground, the government has https://www.canadagoosesale.biz said.

canada goose clearance Pfarrer says his sources are adamant that the crash happened after the SEALs unloaded and that the other helicopter had, in fact, hovered over the roof, the SEALs roped down, got into the upper floor of the building and killed Bin Laden within two minutes.

Pfarrer says he wrote the book because he felt civilian administration officials control of the narrative in their initial public statements about the mission.

canada goose black friday sale Military officials have told CNN canadian goose jacket that buy canada goose jacket cheap they will decided any any violations of national security have occurred when they see the book and decide whether the matter needs to be investigated.

Chuck Pfarrer detailed in his book THREE MONTHS AGO a Pakistani doctor had Canada Goose Coats On Sale worked with the CIA and the fact he conducted a vaccination buy canada goose jacket campaign to try to gain access to the bin Laden compound in order to provide Canada Goose online intel.

Panetta also mentions the vaccinations.

cheap Canada Goose How else could Pfarrer have known about this unless he was receiving accurate information about the raid from informed sources?

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