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The PVV scooped nearly 25 percent in Nissewaard in 2015

Canada Goose Jackets Voters head for far right amidst rising prosperity

VOLENDAM, Netherlands (Reuters) The Dutch fishing village of canada goose uk black friday Volendam hardly seems like a hotbed of discontent: tidy, prosperous, little canada goose black friday sale crime or unemployment. Yet a third of its voters are likely canada goose uk shop to back anti immigrant nationalist Geert Wilders in the March 15 general election.

canada goose store His appeal highlights a paradox that is challenging the status quo in Western democracies and canada goose store fraying the European canada goose clearance Union: voters are https://www.thebeatlestimeline.com spurning the mainstream in favour of anti establishment populism in times of economic wellbeing.

canadian goose jacket The trend is especially striking in cheap canada goose uk the Netherlands, where the economy is set to be the best performer in the euro zone this year and the people consistently rank uk canada goose outlet near the top of global measurements of happiness and material comfort.

Dutch anti establishment sentiment is and foremost about culture and identity and less about economics said Sarah de Lange, a University of Amsterdam political scientist studying the rise of far right parties in the EU. president, and the Dutch vote looks like the next chapter of the populist backlash, even if Wilders does not win big enough to gain power.

Polls canada goose clearance sale show Wilders cheap canada goose Party for Freedom (PVV) will more than double its seats in parliament to 26, almost even with Prime Minister Mark Rutte conservatives who stand to tumble from 41 cheap Canada Goose to buy canada goose jacket cheap 27, with his coalition partner Labour plunging to 14 from 38.

canada goose clearance sale But because centrist parties rule out any alliance with Wilders, he will probably end up in the opposition again.

Canada Goose Outlet Still, he has already succeeded in pushing mainstream politics toward the hard right, with centrist parties now endorsing an immigration ban.

buy canada goose jacket Anger at pro EU metropolitan political elites over years of liberal immigration policy is Canada Goose Coats On Sale a canadian goose jacket major driver of Wilders appeal.

canada goose black friday sale Non Western immigrants comprised 7.5 Canada Goose sale percent of the Dutch population in canada goose coats on sale 1996, and that figure rose to 12.1 by 2015, according to Statistics Netherlands (CBS). Around five percent of the population of 17 million is now Muslim.

what a mess it would be in the zoo if all the cages were left open, Volendam retiree Willem Veerman said when asked why he has embraced Wilders anti Islam, anti EU agenda.

canada goose that what happening currently in Europe.

canada goose clearance The Dutch were long renowned for multicultural tolerance rooted in their history. But immigration has become the pivotal election issue regardless of whether voting districts are high or low income or have large or small numbers of foreigners.

WILDERS STRONGHOLDS Volendam is a largely white, middle class community with small but freshly painted houses and spotless Canada Goose Parka streets. Non Western immigrants are a largely invisible 2 percent of its 8,000 population, joblessness is 3 percent, the crime rate 3 per 1,000 people and the median home price 325,000 euros ($343,800).

Canada Goose sale De Lange said anti immigrant feeling in places like Volendam often arises from fears that city problems like canada goose factory sale crime will spill into their tranquil neighbourhoods.

Volendam is a half hour drive from the cosmopolitan, heavily immigrant Amsterdam, the Netherlands largest city.

Canada Goose Parka A second Wilders redoubt, Nissewaard, is ethnically mixed and less well off. Fourteen percent of its 85,000 population is foreign, there are 7 crimes per 1,000 people, unemployment is 5.9 canada goose uk outlet percent and the median house price 189,000 euros. The PVV scooped nearly 25 percent in Nissewaard in 2015 regional voting.

canada goose coats on sale Mattijn van de Stroop, 45, said while watching Wilders on the stump in Nissewaard that he supports him because of his plan to lower the retirement age to 65 raised to 67 under Rutte.

canada goose deals Another reason is he said. see it in the crime here. The other parties Canada Goose online don Canada Goose Jackets do as much and you see Wilders is standing buy canada goose jacket up.

In Rotterdam, the second largest Dutch city, white voters have long gravitated to Wilders or other far right parties. Thirty eight percent of its 631,000 population is immigrant and the jobless rate exceeds 12 percent both nationwide highs.

buy canada goose jacket cheap IMMIGRATION, AUSTERITY POTENT MIX

An austerity campaign under Rutte also eroded respect for mainstream leadership canada goose coats because it hit middle and lower income Dutch much harder than the rich, stoking perceptions of unfairness and inequality Canada Goose Online on which Wilders has capitalised.

canada goose coats Though the Dutch economy is buoyant now, spearheading euro zone growth, it stagnated at zero growth uk canada goose from 2008 to 2014 as the government cut spending to comply with EU budgetary rules in the wake of the 2008 09 financial crisis.

Netherlands’ Party for Freedom (PVV) leader Geert Wilders attends a European far right leaders’ meeting in Koblenz, Germany January 21, 2017. REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay/File Photo

Austerity bred much resentment above all, over cuts to health services and care for the elderly. Together with ongoing immigration, the cuts deepened a sense among many that the country was deteriorating while politicians seemed oblivious.

people often say is, doing fine, but things are not going well in this country said Julia van Rijn, a minister in Amsterdam Protestant Church.

now, every generation has had it better than the previous generation. But now canada goose people have the Canada Goose Outlet feeling that it stagnating, and they afraid for their children.

cheap Canada Goose While most of the Dutch are positive about their personal situation, seven of 10 are pessimistic about the country as a whole, citing social divisions and diminishing national character, a recent poll showed.