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You probably be surprised by the number of systems running 20

canadian goose jacket other governments don’t know whether to laugh or cry at all this

canada goose clearance Hey US folks. I am from uk canada goose outlet Russia.And I tell you this our little gangster government might be laughing at your President, canada goose coats but our (sane) citizens are laughing at our own government even more. If you think your President does stupid shit (which is true. probably), you don know how much shit is going on over there.Our central assembly with legislative function got nicknamed “mad printer” for massively releasing absolutely incomprehensibly stupid laws that doesn make any sense to anyone (including the ones who released them). Our Eternal Leader known for watching movies and shit on VHS videotapes (I bet half of young generation have no clue what the hell is that shit). Our government funded TV stations recently fucked up on a canadian goose jacket whole new level they shown sewer canada goose black friday sale pipes and told buy canada goose jacket cheap everyone that it their latest “laser weapon”. They decided to ban Telegram messenger, yet somehow banned 20 fucking millions of IP addresses, yet Telegram still functions (after that I can believe BBC news that we somehow “hacked” shitloads of routers and whatnot)So please. We can canada goose clearance sale beat your ass on that ground soooo heavilyhacking is more social engineering than it is breaking into routers. It always has been. I know its hard to imagine the anti canada goose uk black friday social “hacker” being able to mind fuck your social expectations, but that is exactly Canada Goose sale what they do.I don think a hacker can break into a router without a known exploit/unknown backdoor in the router itself and even if they did, that sure as fuck wouldn win them any elections.People like to think “hacking” or “hacked” means canada goose that they broke in. Chances are they were given access (by mistake) or otherwise gained access through manipulation of the person holding the keys.In other words. you don have to defeat the Canada Goose Coats On Sale cage if you can defeat the guard dog holding the keys, which in this case, happens canada goose factory sale to be old people holding the keys to their own email accounts.They likely buy canada goose jacket used the emails they gained access to for blackmail while using social media to target individuals that would be most receptive to the message they are sending out. They could uk canada goose reinforce their blackmail with this targeted advertising. “Do as we say because we have the dirt and the ability to turn the public canada goose uk shop against you.” They may even make some cheap Canada Goose payments to the ones that bow. It could be the difference between the stick and the carrot.The hack wasn anything special, and Canada Goose online they didn “hack” our election with the exception of social manipulation and misrepresentation. They merely just used the bullshit Canada Goose Online we were already using they turned the hose inwards and laughed their fucking asses off when we got shit all over ourselves and then we started fighting over who the fuck did it.It is so refreshing to know there are other reasonable, level headed people out there who dont fantasize the word “hacking”. I canada goose uk outlet been trying to make this point since the presidential campaigns. Older canada goose coats on sale generations and journalists have been constantly hyperbolizing the Russian “hacks” and influence campaign, taking it into the realm of Hollywood action movies.Industrial hacking can happen via social engineering, but a tremendous number of companies and corporations severely underfund their IT departments and run ancient hardware (for a variety of reasons) with canadagooseoutletmall.com absolutely shit security on vital systems.This is relatively ubiquitous. There are technical security breaches all the time. There are constantly patches to ages old systems, bits of code that were vulnerable in one system module or another, all the time.You probably be surprised by the number of systems running 20 year old software in an enterprise setting. It a fucking embarrassment. Every once in a while some minister would mumble shit about how we must fund smaller businesses and invest into startups but this all https://www.canadagooseoutletmall.com don mean shit. All they wanna do is fill their agenda and make it to a bunch of headlines, but they never mean business. It a circus for the masses. Of course they won build a new SpaceX because they can wrap they head around the fact that all Canada Goose Jackets successful companies weren artificially grown in spite “western competitors”. They cherished by passionate people who care about them and aim to succeed. So what happens when there a company so successful they actually competing with the most popular messenger app? Correct! They banned and forced to leave the country.Certain Americans have bought into fear mongering against racial minorities, against women, against non christians, against gay people and they are willing to seek the protection canada goose store of a ruthless tyrant to protect their higher status as white christians and surrender everything else out of terror.So what Putin and Trump are does not really matter to them, all they care about right now is what they symbolize as a weapon against what they fear.President Donald Trump policy toward Russia has puzzled world leaders and amused officials in Moscow, according to the former ambassador to the states that succeeded the Soviet Union in the 1990s.Trump publicly Canada Goose Outlet wondered in 2013 if Canada Goose Parka Putin would become his canada goose clearance “New best friend” ahead of the Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow and, later that year, told Piers Morgan that Putin “Really put it” to former President Barack Obama in response to the use of the term “American exceptionalism.” Trump, who would go on to champion phrases like “America First” as president, cheap canada goose uk said at the time that the term was “Insulting.”.