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A story of natural childbirth

“It was a dark and stormy night My grandfather’s tall tales used to start with those words. When I thought moncler jackets toronto about how to begin this story, those words were fitting. It was a dark and stormy night moncler outlets usa this isn’t a tall tale, it’s the story of my baby’s birth.

moncler sale I had been in early labor since the early afternoon. I knew it was coming, it was one day past my due date, but I knew from my other children’s births that the contractions I was feeling were early contractions. They were buy moncler jackets toronto too far apart and too bearable to be active labor.

So I helped put my kids to bed. I said goodnight to my older two and told them I thought their sister would be born that night. Then I https://www.moncleroutletssale.com went into my 2 year old’s moncler coats for men room to read him his nighttime books. He kept jumping out of bed moncler jackets outlet online to run to the window to tell me “there’s thunder outside.”

moncler outlet I finished the books and walked downstairs, thinking I’d eat something and then moncler jacket outlet get in the bath to time contractions. I moncler online hit the moncler outlet mall second landing of our moncler coats for women staircase when my water broke. I yelled for my husband and mom to come help me because I was in such shock, this was my fourth baby, but my water had never broken moncler jackets canada on its own.

cheap moncler sale I went upstairs quickly to clean moncler outlet usa off and get ready cheap moncler jackets outlet to go to the birthing center when I realized the fluid wasn’t clear at all. So I yelled to my mom to call the midwife back and let her know there was a lot of meconium in the fluid. In moncler coats sale my head at that moment I knew I probably wouldn’t be having my baby at the freestanding birthing center like I had moncler outlet online store planned. But my midwife said to come down to the center (across from the hospital) and we’d decide what to do.

buy moncler jackets We drove through heavy rain and a strong thunderstorm to get cheap moncler to the birthing center. When we got in, my midwife checked me moncler coats outlet and I was 4 moncler outlet kids cm dilated. moncler jackets on sale She gave me the choice, but said with the meconium and being only 4 cm, she would recommend I labor at the hospital. I made sure she would stay with me the whole time and that I’d have the same resources (birthing tub, birthing ball, etc). When she said all of that would be there, it was an easy decision to go across the street to labor at the hospital.

moncler sale outlet The first few hours of labor were bearable. I labored in the tub for quite some time. At some point I got out to have some monitoring and my contractions got much worse. I know I labored on a birthing ball for some time with my head buried in pillows.

Around the second time I got back in the tub, my labor started progressing quickly. I had stayed around 4.5 cm for the first few hours. But after getting back in the tub, my labor quickly went from manageable to the worst pain of my life. And to call it the worst pain of my life doesn’t seem to give it justice.

moncler mens jackets I never expected to be one of those women who screamed during transition, but it was almost like primal instincts took over my body. I don’t think I opened my eyes often; I moncler outlet store was so all consumed by what was happening internally.

For the last 3 4 contractions in the tub, I felt like I had to give up. I was reduced to begging for someone to help me and telling them I couldn’t go on. But, every single support person I had in that room lifted me up. My sister told me, “you are doing it”. My mom kept telling me I was fine. My midwife told me, moncler outlet ny “you are birthing your baby”. And my husband, the person who swore the last thing moncler outlet location on earth he would do was get into a birthing tub, literally got in the tub to his knees to lift me up and help me out to get ready to push.

cheap moncler jackets And after it was time to push, I knew it would be okay. I have no idea how long it took, but it didn’t moncler outlets uk take cheap moncler jackets wholesale many pushes once I decided to push past the pain. And in my life I have never felt such a difference between the pain of labor and the relief of giving birth.

monlcer down jackets My little girl was born at 3:25 am, around 5 hours after getting to the hospital. Once I opened my eyes, I saw there was a team standing around her ready to suction her if need be, but she started breathing quickly on her own and wasn’t affected by the meconium. discount moncler outlet Once they listened to her lungs, she was immediately given to me.

cheap moncler This was my fourth birth, but my first time having a drug free birth. And it’s strange because although it was by far the most painful experience of moncler jackets my life, it was never scary like my other births. I never felt alone and I never felt left in a moncler outlet room. I felt in control and never felt like things were being done to me. And that alone was worth the pain.

I’ve read a lot of stories about natural birth and some seem like such peaceful experiences. Mine wasn’t. It very much was like moncler jackets outlet the violent storms womens moncler jackets outside. But I feel a sense of power that I weathered that huge storm and that I birthed my baby.

cheap moncler coats So welcome Ainsley Annabelle, 7 lbs 11 ounces, healthy and beautiful. on a moncler outlet woodbury dark and stormy night.

Was your birth a peaceful experience? Or was it a powerful experience like mine?

I given birth twice, both natural unmedicated births. They are powerful. They are not, for me, peaceful. With moncler jackets kids my older daughter I labored unexpectedly quickly and was in so much shock that I didn have time for much else. With my younger daughter I knew I would go quickly, but even so I wasn ready for transition. Those birthing balls are miracles! And yes, there was some hollering going on during crowning I would do it again every day for cheap moncler jackets the joy of those two beatiful darlings.

cheap moncler outlet Not to mention I felt fantastic after birth with both girls, I was able to use the restroom almost immediately, and both girls were alert and awake and able to latch on right away.

moncler outlet store I would say both of my births were not wild, moncler outlet canada but neither were they completely peaceful. I did most of my laboring with both at home, so I think that that helped, and then while pushing I was so involved in the process that I did not think of anything else.

I have had two opposite experiences My first was a vaginal delivery with some pain medication until she started having drastic drops in heartbeat which ultimately led to a C section. I did not feel alone or like screaming, I was very involved, and I realized how much I loved my husband, not finding myself cursing him!! Until the C section. There is just something about that experience that leads a person to be very alone, uncomfortable, and totally not able to be a part of that process.

moncler outlet online My second birth was a totally unmedicated vaginal birth. We arrived at the hospital when I was already at 9 cm. As stupid as it sounds (since I was 8 days late and it was my second child) I was in denial that I was in labor! I had a brief moment of panic when I realized that there would be no medication, and actually screamed at Official Moncler Outlet them to just give me a C section (so that I could have pain medication!). Other than that it was very peaceful overall. Just me holding my husband, pushing, moncler outlet uk following the directions of the hospital staff, and then our beautiful baby in my arms.

I was going to say what someone else said I almost cried, reading about your husband getting in the tub with you! What an awesome example of his love for you! I know from my first birth experience (natural), my husband said it was incredibly hard to watch me go through the pain, and when I hit transition, he started crying (doesn cry often!!) because he felt so helpless! Good for you for sticking to it! It definitely better to feel in control vs others in control of you, cheap moncler coats for women although I liked my second birth (epidural) much better! SO glad your baby wasn affected by the meconium (I was worried for her, reading that!), and she perfect! Congrats, moncler outlet online and try to get some sleep in the next couple of months!

moncler outlet sale Wow 5 hours!! when i gave birth moncler coats for cheap 4 weeks ago (21/7/12) my little man arrived 11 days early and i went from 3cm to delivery in less then 55mins! waters broke at home and i was on my own (apart from my other 2 children) Hubby was moncler coats cheap away and then i Moncler Factory Outlet had to drive to my friends and then off to the hospital i must have been a lucky 1 cos moncler coats for kids i never had moncler jackets cheap any contractions until about 10pm (my boy was born at 10.52pm) my son was also a pain relief free labour and birth and so was my daughters birth both very quick 28mins and 52mins!! my children are so much calmer then them eldest who i had pain killers with and lots of other drugs they are both perfect babies! sleeps eats and poo no colic or very little colic unlike my eldest who screamed and cried i swear for like the 1st 3 months non stop.