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Which left them negotiating with themselves

Do members of the super committee deserve to be re

FROM CNN Jack Cafferty:

The super committee is a disgrace, canada goose clearance sale and there should be a price to pay for their negligence. Their failure buy canada goose jacket will cost all of us. The national debt continues to spiral out of control, and they did nothing. They knew the consequences of their Canada Goose Outlet actions and still chose to do nothing.

They were charged with agreeing on $1.2 trillion in cuts to the national debt over 10 years. Congress borrowed $1.3 trillion just https://www.canadagoosesale.info this year alone. It wasn too much to ask.

Actions are supposed to have consequences. Most of the time they do, unless you a member canada goose uk black friday of the federal government.

buy canada goose jacket cheap The super committee is just the latest group of politicians to lie to us about reducing government Canada Goose Jackets spending. The Simpson Bowles commission put forth a program for cutting the debt. It was ignored. Likewise the Gang of Six.

Even before the super committee failed, one poll showed Congress approval rating at an all time low of 9%. It was the first time Congress scored in the single digits in this poll since the question was first asked in the 1970s.

This same survey shows Americans have less trust than ever in government to do the right thing. And with good reason.

canada goose coats The members of the super committee didn even have the guts to face the public and tell us they failed. They handed reporters a piece of paper announcing their failure and then disappeared into the woodwork like so many cockroaches.

canada goose black friday sale But the real crime in all this is that most of these 12 people on the committee will probably be re elected the next time they run for office. And that something of which cheap Canada Goose we should all be ashamed.

canadian goose jacket If you or I failed so miserably at our jobs, we would be out on the street. And that exactly where these folks belong along with the rest of their colleagues who make up our broken government.

canada goose store Here’s my question to you: Do members of the super committee deserve to be re elected?

Interested to know which ones made it on air?

Jack, We are becoming a third world nation that is controlled like a puppet government by Canada Goose online unseen forces. Your question should be: Do we need a new set of founding fathers while Canada Goose Online discarding what has been created?

Canada Goose Jackets Considering that this went on behind closed doors and I was not invited, I am going to stay calm and admit that I do canada goose black friday sale not know canada goose uk shop what happened. I do know that half of the super committee no longer pledges allegiance to the flag but, buy canada goose jacket cheap literally, to Grover Norquist, for which the offense is much greater than a matter of not simply not getting re elected.

Canada Goose Parka No one in canada goose coats the current Congress should be re elected. Members of the so called super committee should have all their pay returned to the people. This committee did do one thing: It showed the politicians are in it for themselves and to hell with anyone else.

buy canada goose jacket It was setup for failure. You can have an equal number of members from each party and expect them to budge. We need a new president. How many days till the election again?

Canada Goose online Some just got re elected. How do you counter immoral representation of negotiations when they are in office screwing things up for another 6 years?

Did I miss something? Wasn Canada Goose Parka this another fight over extension or expiration of the Bush tax cuts? Or, at least a canadian goose jacket debate over government subsidies for private jet owners? I think half of the committee should be sent packing.

canada goose coats on sale To be brief: no! To be verbose: hell no!

The thing is, the Republicans on the Super Committee all signed Grover Nordquist moronic pledge, and subscribe to the policy of the beast, whereby deep budget cuts may be forced uk canada goose upon the federal government by means of choking off funding. So the Republicans went in believing that no compromise constituted victory.

canada goose clearance Conversely, the Democrats went in believing that a compromise with unreasonable hard liners canada goose was attainable. Which left them negotiating with themselves.

canada goose deals So, for very different reasons, both sides deserve not to be reelected.

November 22, 2011 at 12:58 pm

Canada Goose Outlet The Super Committee was and is unconstitutional. When you isolate other congress members from debate and voting rights, the citizens of that respective elected official canada goose store have no voice in the decisions that will canadagoosesale effect them. In my opinion only Ron Paul should be re elected. With runaway spending, huge defect, violating oaths canada goose clearance of office in regards to allowing the 4th and 5th Ammendment rights to be killed under the cloak canada goose uk outlet of National Security, and the Canada Goose sale bailouts of the banks with 1.6 Quatrillion in bad derivatives world wide. I have no faith in my government anymore.

cheap Canada Goose November 22, 2011 at 1:00 canada goose coats on sale pm

canada goose supercommittee = superbozos, it just never ends how much taxpayer money was spent on this failure i believe canada goose factory sale we should as american taxpayers bill these bozos for their complete failure and let them foot the bill maybe if these people have to be accountable for the mess they are making out of their own pockets things may start to change. let blame the republicans oh wait lets blame the democrats. its a shame i can lose my job tomorrow for a performance like that but guess what lets form another committee and show it live on comedy central.

Canada Goose sale Jack you have to understand that half of the committee did what they were supposed to do. At least in their own minds they believe their whole purpose is to obstruct. A federal government that does nothing is good governance. The other half of the committee has to maintain their common sense ideas and not get sucked into the abyss of the radicals. Do you suggest cheap canada goose uk that the Democrats should compromise their core ideas away just to get a deal. Any solution is not always Canada Goose Coats On Sale the right solution uk canada goose outlet.