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This created a lightweight, but perfectly flat box

In a YouTube video showing how the ads were made, Japanese photographer “Photographer Hal” explains some of the inspiration behind the series of shots. “Human beings aren’t completed if they’re just by themselves. It’s when they come together, when they come really close, that they’re finally completed,” he says.

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KnockOff Handbags In order to use the material, I’ve been splitting the beams in half using my bandsaw.However, the resulting boards all had twists and/or cupping, so they were flattened using the process shown in designer replica luggage this Instructable.A simple box like this is guaranteed to stay perfectly flat and will not bow or warp, and creates a lightweight rigid sled to attach boards for planing. Alternately, a plain piece of plywood or MDF could be used as long as it stays perfectly flat and becomes sufficiently rigid when the board to be flattened is affixed to it.Using a table saw, I cut two 60″ lengths of 3/8″ plywood high end replica bags that were just narrower than the opening of my planer (in my case, the width capacity is 12 1/2″, so I made these pieces 12 1/4″).Two 2″ wide strips were then cut from 3/4″ plywood.I used glue and pneumatic brads to fasten all these pieces together as shown.This created a lightweight, but perfectly flat box.The board to be flattened is placed on the box and made as level as possible using shims to fully support it. I use sample laminate pieces which you can typically get for free from the kitchen section at home centers and hardware stores.. KnockOff Handbags

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